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Costa Nova – Stoneware Dinnerware & Crockery – Orpheu Decor

As a result, Costa Nova has become a benchmark in fine stoneware tableware and accessories.

Costa Nova is a brand of fine stoneware crockery. The brand combines their characteristic design and colours with the quality, elegance and contemporary style.

Costa Nova, the origin

The brand history begins in 1998, in Vagos, district of Aveiro, Portugal, with the engineers Miguel Casal and Rui Batel.

The first to be created was Gestrel, with the purpose of manufacturing fine stoneware tableware and accessories. Subsequently, in 2006, the company launched its own brand: Costa Nova.

The brand thus reflects the essence of the small fishing village behind its name, the village with striped wooden houses on Costa Nova beach. Therefore, Costa Nova embraces the Mediterranean style in its fullness.

Design in fine stoneware crockery

The success of Costa Nova is due to its design, quality and durability of the pieces. The brand specialty is revealed through stoneware, a material more resistant than the classic porcelain and faience.

Stoneware is a material with little porosity that withstands both liquids and the heat. Stoneware can also be presented in different colours and moulds. On the other hand, and unlike traditional stoneware, fine stoneware has a more refined look to it.

Production Process

Fine stoneware is produced from fine grain clay, which allows it to have various colours. Stoneware is also resistant to high temperatures, which makes it microwave and dishwasher safe. Another interesting fact is the handmade look of the finishes, which is actually intentional.

In the production process, each piece sits about 4 kilometres in moving walkways. First, the stoneware enters the moulding machine, then goes through the finishes and exits the oven. As soon as these fall into workers’ hands, they begin with the process of moulding the reliefs on the plates and cup handles.

International Presence

Costa Nova operates mainly in a high range of selected stores, charming hotels and good quality restaurants. It is present in over 50 countries, with pieces featured in some of the most prestigious decoration shops.