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Cutipol – Contemporary Stainless Steel Cutlery – Orpheu Decor

Quality and design

Cutipol is a brand that creates and produces cutlery with high standards of quality and design. Stainless steel products are available with several finishing options, such as polished steel, brushed steel, polished gold and brushed gold. The brand presents a meticulous choice of raw materials and ergonomic study of shapes. As a result, their products are unique pieces filled with elegance and sophistication.

Cutipol is a Portuguese cutlery brand that combines creativity and design with the quality, innovation and research of new raw materials. The success lies, above all, in the ergonomic study of forms. Therefore, the brand conciliates the sober, practical and exquisite design with the ability to use comfortably, the perfection in finishing and the quality control.


Although machines are used in much of the initial process, the work of craftsmen plays an essential role in finishing. Even today, the details of the cutlery are handmade by its employees.

Brand History

The history of Cutipol was born in Caldas das Taipas, northern Portugal. The success of the brand began three generations ago, through the secular knowledge that comes from the grandfather Joaquim Ribeiro. Joaquim was a “garfeiro”, meaning he would mould silverware by hand. Surprisingly, at that time, the inclination of the fork was made manually, as well as its teeth, which were made using a “pombeiro” and a hammer.
In the 1920s, the first industries of knives and cutlery began to appear and the production was sold locally. Shortly afterwards, in the 1940s, the company was raised to an industrial level. Already in the 60s, there was an increase in the manufacturing capacity which allowed the exports to start. Finally, in 1963, the father, José Ribeiro, named the factory Cutipol, name that lingers to the present day.

International Recognition

The accumulation of knowledge acquired over decades makes Cutipol a reference in the international market. Thus, it is recognised for the quality and durability of the cutlery, as well as for the elegance and debug of the design.
Cutipol is present in well-known hotels, restaurants and inns. The brand provides products for governments and virtually all Portuguese embassies in the world, among other prestigious places.