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Fine & Candy is a traditional stationary luxury brand. Notebooks, pencils and office accessories can be found in its collection. The brand’s products denote high standards of quality, where artisan know-how and refined manufacture combine a contemporary and cosmopolitan design. As a result, the brand has become a benchmark in the premium segment of stationary and manual binding. The importance of writing, imagination and expression, together with artisan know-how, reflect a way of life. Consequently, Fine & Candy turns all their products into everyday partners with a strong emotional component.

Paper, mean of expression

In an increasingly computerised society, F&C encourages, above all, the use of paper, a “personal” good. It is, therefore, a mean of expression, in which people are able to scratch and expand the imagination. For the brand, erasure is critical. It is about ideas and creativity.

Traditional stationary

Born in Porto, Portugal, Fine & Candy is a handmade traditional stationary brand. The premium brand combines a contemporary approach to a century-old tradition.
As lovers and promoters of what is handmade, with quality and contemporaneity, the brand creates exquisite stationery with high quality. In its collection, there are notebooks, calendars, graphite pencils, sharpeners, stationery boxes, among other products. The nobility of the selected materials, together with the artisan know-how make F&C products, products with great quality and durability.

Luxury manual binding

The brand adopts traditional techniques of luxury manual binding, which little differ from those used in the middle ages. Nowadays, the pieces are produced in old machinery. The products are still made manually and individually, making each piece unique.
Customised, internationally recognised stationery
As a world-class brand of customised stationery, F&C is internationally recognised. It can now be found in well-known outlets such as Harrods, in London, and Printemps, in Paris.