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Porcel is a brand that offers tableware and decorative accessories in fine porcelain. In its collection, we can find tableware, coffee and tea sets, centre pieces for table, boxes and others. Therefore, the elegance and sophistication of Porcel’s products make them unique, becoming impossible to turn a blind eye to it. The brand leaves no detail to chance. For this purpose, the manufacturing procedures are meticulous, accurate and detailed, always seeking to achieve perfection in each piece. As a result, Porcel distinguishes itself by its quality, design and innovation.

Quality and international recognition

Founded in 1987 and based in Oliveira do Bairro, Aveiro, Porcel – Indústria de Porcelanas, S.A. is, unquestionably, a prestigious brand in the fine porcelain industry.
The international recognition has emerged as a result of its quality, design, contemporaneity and innovation. Porcel’s customers look for refinement and elegance, even if combined with innovation. They especially value exclusivity.

Technological innovation combined with the mastery of artisanal production

Porcel gives importance to every detail. Its pieces are creative, stylish and of high quality. In addition, the brand combines technological innovation with the mastery of manual production through detailed production methods.
Thin, non-porous and resistant porcelain
For Porcel, the selection of raw materials is very important. Imported directly from France, they are characterised for being translucent, nonporous and resistant.

The excellence of the production process

The production of Porcel’s pieces follows a very demanding production process. After rigorous preparation of the body (shaping and drying), the first firing is prepared. Here, the pieces will be fired around 1000°C. This type of firing gives the pieces an mechanical strength and porosity essential to the next process. The following step is the glazing. In this procedure, the workers select the pieces and remove their dust, so that they can be immersed into glazed suspension. The pieces are thus ready for the second firing at around 1400°C, to obtain the porcelain.

Decoration of porcelain with decal application

After the previous process, the porcelain is ready for decoration. The handmade printing is done through decal application of gold, platinum or ink fillet, applied manually or mechanically.
Following is the firing of the decorated pieces, carried out at different temperatures, depending on the type of product. After this process, the Porcel’s pieces are ready to be packaged and dispatched.