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Topázio – Luxury Silver Gifts & Home Accessories – Orpheu Decor

Topázio is a specialist in silver and silver plating. The brand offers decorative accessories, pieces for desk and table and fashion accessories.

The Topázio products have a strong artisan component, thus offering pieces of unmatched quality, full of history and meaning. The unique pieces of the brand will surely add soul to your home.

Premium brand in silver objects and silver plating

Topázio is a benchmark in the silver market. Topázio is synonymous with premium objects in silver and silver plating. Its purpose is to create timeless pieces that combine savoir-faire with attention to detail.
The brand is undoubtedly the leader in European manufacturers of premium silver segment products. It presents more than 70,000 references across several product segments.

Centenary Brand

With more than 140 years of history, in 1874, in Porto, the parent company of Topázio, Ferreira Marques & Irmão was born. It first started in a small workshop, by Manuel José Ferreira Marques. He then created the first jewel, marking the beginning of a long history.

Topázio, a tribute to the gemstone

In the 1920s, the first silver pieces started being produced. Later, in 1930, with the death of the founder, the heirs Gabriel and Silvestre Ferreira Marques took over the company. In 1934, Topázio was born. The name is a tribute to a gemstone with the same name in Portuguese (Topaz), their mother’s favourite one. Since then, the values advocated by the founders remained and are still recognised today.
In the 60’s, the internationalisation of the brand began, with its presence in the first international fair.

From design to craftsmanship

The creativity associated with the technical heritage and human capital created over the years is the secret behind the longevity of the brand. The products combine design, manual process and quality.
The sketch gives place to dies and cuts necessary to work on the piece. Here, the technique and care of the craftsmen are essential to the production process. This is what turns Topázio’s pieces into pieces of rare quality. For this purpose, many hours are spent in a single piece by hammering, cutting, welding, chiselling and polishing.

International presence

Topázio is present in over 20 countries. The brand is undeniably a regular presence in the protocol of the Portuguese State and in its respective embassies.