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We all need feature pieces at home; pieces that spark our guests’ interest.  Our ornaments & figurines are the perfect choice for that, for their modern and unique design.

Shop Ornaments & Figurines

At a time where nature inspired elements are a major trend in house decor, our ornaments e figurines are the perfect choice for that. Mostly shaped like animals, fruit or plants, they are colourful, modern and unique. Crickets, pomegranates, apples, ladybirds, canaries, blackbirds, pigeons, crows, trees and basil bushes are examples of that.

Buy Designer Decorative Pieces

In porcelain, faience and silver, all our pieces are elegant and refined. Their modern look was designed to impress, even the pickiest of clients. So, come to Orpheu Decor and discover our finest selection of products.

Ideal Gifts

Great for housewarming gifts, birthday presents, or even wedding gifts, they are perfect for any space. Some of them are statuettes inspired by family, like nativity scenes, the mother figure and married couples.