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Ready yourself for the most refined coffee & tea essentials you have ever seen. Sugar Bowls, creamers, tea and coffee pots, cups, mugs, cake stands, you name it!

Shop Coffee & Tea Sets, Cups and Pots

Here you can find stunning mugs, cups and saucers, teapots, coffee pots and sugar bowls. You can also find beautiful creamers, tea and coffee sets, cake stands and jam containers and jars.

Porcel, Costa Nova, Dedal & Topázio

Our selected pieces were designed and produced by four premium Portuguese brands: Porcel, Topázio, Dedal and Costa Nova. The first two focus on luxury and elegance, while the last two focus on having daily and casual pieces. However, they all have one thing in common. They all produce products of great quality and finishes that anyone would love having at home.

Porcelain, Faience, Silver & Fine Stoneware

Porcelain, faience, silver and stoneware are the main materials used in these pieces. All high-quality materials, which make the pieces incredibly resistant and refined.