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Alice Kids Cutlery Collection by Cutipol
The first collection for kids alone! Alice has the finest selection of children cutlery. Pretty colours, modern design and exceptional quality. What else could you need?
Discover Alice flatware by Cutipol online. A set of three pieces, a little spoon, fork and knife. These products have coloured resin handles and silver or gold heads. The thick yet lightweight handles are ergonomic and perfect for small hands. Available in ten colours, you just need to choose your favourite. Grey, White, Black, Red, Brown, Blue, Pink, Turquoise, Ivory, Celadon. These products are perfect to teach your children how to use a fork and knife!
Best Quality Flatware
Made of the best 18/10 stainless steel and coated with 24k gold, these items are truly durable and resistant. Their shape is perfectly safe for infants and toddlers, and their design super chic and fun.
Unique Christening Gifts
The perfect luxury gift for babies and young children. Forget the silver spoon and offer an exquisite cutlery set instead. This flatware is perfect for christening, baby shower and 1-year old birthday party.