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Grespresso Cups by Costa Nova

Discover the most stylish espresso cups of the moment! Grespresso has unique coffee cups of contemporary colours and patterns. Don’t miss them!

Grespresso collection by Costa Nova captivates us with its fabulous design. Inspired by the ocean waves, the pieces have a reactive pattern resembling just that. The different glazes are also allusive to nature. In total, ten vibrant colours. Yellow, aqua, denim blue, white, grey, orange, black, pink, turquoise and sunset red.

Versatile Design

The ceramic cups are available in espresso or lungo sizes. The second is taller, to fit a bigger morning coffee. The items are extremely versatile. You can use them for coffee, individual serving desserts and mini vases for decoration purposes. They are also great for a buffet table, with different appetizers inside.

Natural Dinnerware

By the famous Portuguese brand, these cups are made in Portugal with the finest stoneware. Because they are made of this high-quality ceramic, the products are super resistant.