Cutlery Collections


By Cutipol, Alice has the finest selection of children cutlery. Pretty colours, modern design and exceptional quality.


By Cutipol, Bauhaus is a beautiful cutlery collection. Its squared look gives it an unmatched elegance, making it the great for glamorous table settings.


By Cutipol, Duna is the flatware collection you were looking for. A unique sleek design, the curved knives contrast with the squared handles of the spoons and forks.


By Cutipol, Ebony is a truly unique collection. Black handles, geometric design and durable material are just some of its features.


The Goa collection by Cutipol is trendy, sleek and glamorous. With a minimalist design, it is perfect for even the most luxurious events.


Icon Collection by Cutipol has beautiful products for your casual chic dinner parties. It’s simple and modern lines can transform any dining table.


Kube collection by Cutipol has a truly unique and timeless design. Black geometric handles made of resin and robust pieces of ergonomic lines.


By Cutipol, Mezzo is the result of a constant effort to improve, combining both aesthetics with functionality.


By Cutipol, Mio is a fabulous flatware collection of minimal lines. Incredibly elegant and stylish, it helps create the most special dinner settings!


By Cutipol, Moon is a modern and minimalist collection with a unique design. Perfect for any occasion, you will not be able to resist it!


Inspired by the unique Portuguese boats from the 15th century, Nau is a new cutlery collection from Cutipol!


Lightweight pieces, curved handles and exquisite brushed steel. If you love products of unique design, you will adore the Noor collection.


With classic yet timeless lines, the Piccadilly cutlery has elaborate details which are perfect for any table.


The Rondo collection by Cutipol has really clean and contemporary lines, making it a perfect gift for any table.


Add some elegant design to your dining table with Solo cutlery.