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Costa Nova


Costa Nova is a brand of fine stoneware crockery. The brand combines their characteristic design and colours with the quality, elegance and contemporary style. As a result, Costa Nova has become a benchmark in fine stoneware tableware and accessories.

Costa Nova, the origin

The brand history begins in 1998, in Vagos, district of Aveiro, Portugal, with the engineers Miguel Casal and Rui Batel.

The first to be created was Gestrel, with the purpose of manufacturing fine stoneware tableware and accessories. Subsequently, in 2006, the company launched its own brand: Costa Nova. The brand thus reflects the essence of the small fishing village behind its name, the village with striped wooden houses on Costa Nova beach. Therefore, Costa Nova embraces the Mediterranean style in its fullness.

Design in fine stoneware crockery

The success of Costa Nova is due to its design, quality and durability of the pieces. The brand specialty is revealed through stoneware, a material more resistant than the classic porcelain and faience. Stoneware is a material with little porosity that withstands both liquids and the heat. Stoneware can also be presented in different colours and moulds. On the other hand, and unlike traditional stoneware, fine stoneware has a more refined look to it.

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Cutipol is a brand that creates and produces cutlery with high standards of quality and design. The meticulous choice of raw materials and ergonomic study of shapes results in unique pieces filled with elegance and sophistication.

Quality and design

Cutipol is a Portuguese cutlery brand that combines creativity and design with the quality, innovation and research of new raw materials. The success lies, above all, in the ergonomic study of forms. Therefore, the brand conciliates the sober, practical and exquisite design with the comfortable use, the perfection in finishing and the quality control.


Although machines are used in much of the initial process, the craftsmen’s work plays an essential role in finishing. Even today, the cutlery details are handmade by its employees.

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Topázio is a specialist in silver and silver plating. Its products have a strong artisan component, thus offering pieces of unmatched quality, full of history and meaning. The unique pieces of the brand will surely add soul to your home.

Premium brand in silver objects and silver plating

Topázio is a benchmark in the silver market. It is synonymous with premium objects in silver and silver plating. Its purpose is to create timeless pieces that combine savoir-faire and attention to detail.

From design to craftsmanship

The creativity associated with the technical heritage and human capital created over the years is the secret behind the longevity of the brand. The products combine design, manual process and quality.

The sketch gives place to dies and cuts necessary to work on the piece. Here, the technique and care of the craftsmen are essential to the production process. This is what turns Topázio pieces into pieces of rare quality. For this purpose, many hours are spent in a single piece, by hammering, cutting, welding, chiselling and polishing.

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Laboratório D’Estórias


Laboratório D’Estórias is a brand of decorative accessories with stories to tell. Each piece of pottery has a strong artisan component, thanks to the use of ancestral knowledge in pottery manufacture, allied to an irreprehensible design and story. Hence, the brand allows us to cast a fresh and irreverent look on the dormant icons of the Portuguese popular culture.

Historical heritage in the ceramics production

In the year of 2013, Laboratório D’Estórias is founded by Rute Rosa and Sérgio Vieira. The brand precisely begins in one of the most important cities of Portuguese ceramics, Caldas da Rainha. In it is a whole historical heritage of ceramic production.

Passionate about the pottery of Caldas, the brand’s mentors wanted to revive the knowledge of barristas and potters. Thus, began an experimental space of design which joins tradition and contemporaneity.

Faience pieces that tell stories

The faience brand tells stories through objects. Each piece relies on the collaboration between people from diverse areas, for example: writing, design, illustration and craftsmanship. In addition, each product comes with a short story and an illustration.

Always inspired by the stories of Portuguese popular culture, the brand products lead us on an imaginary world and legends of the past.

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The MPFXdesign studio developed two main products: “Oli” and “Platu”, meaning, an olive bowl and an olive oil tasting dish. The studio stands out for its strong creativity and design.

MPFXdesign, creative design studio

With its headquarters in Porto, MPFXdesign was created in 1994, by the designer Miguel Pinto Félix. It is a creative studio with unique concepts. The studio developed the “Platu” and “Oli” products, the main responsible for the international recognition of the brand.

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Dedal is a brand of home decoration accessories. The pieces in cork and glazed faience are characterised by their modular versatility, appealing colours and strong craftsmanship perspective. That way, the brand promises to make your daily life happier.

Dedal, unique pieces that transform routines into happy moments

Founded by Patrícia Valinho, Dedal is a project based on design and local arts and inspired by Portuguese culture. That being said, Dedal products are mainly characterised by their shape, functionality and uniqueness.

The brand’s goal is to develop unique home decoration accessories. With this purpose, the brand produces unique pieces for the daily life, transforming routines into happy and memorable moments.

Home accessories that value manufacturing and design

From the point of view of the brand, an approach to conscious consumption contributes to a better world. Besides, the work developed by Dedal is based on manufacturing and design. All these factors contribute to the employability of young people at the start of their careers, as well as to the valorisation of local production capacity.

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Fine & Candy


Fine & Candy is a traditional stationery luxury brand. The brand’s products denote high standards of quality, where artisan know-how and refined manufacture combine a contemporary and cosmopolitan design. As a result, the brand has become a benchmark in the premium segment of stationery and manual binding.

Paper, mean of expression

In an increasingly computerised society, F&C encourages, above all, the use of paper, a “personal” good. It is, therefore, a mean of expression, in which people are able to scratch and expand the imagination. For the brand, erasure is critical. It is about ideas and creativity.

Traditional stationery

Born in Porto, Portugal, Fine & Candy is a handmade traditional stationery brand. The premium brand combines a contemporary approach to a century-old tradition.

As lovers and promoters of what is handmade, with quality and contemporaneity, the brand creates exquisite stationery with high quality. In its collection are notebooks, calendars, graphite pencils, sharpeners, stationery boxes, among other products. The nobility of the selected materials, together with the artisan know-how make F&C products, products with great quality and durability.

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DAM is an interior furniture brand with a strong focus on design. The craftsmanship developed by the team of artisans, combined with the design and the humorous and human character of the pieces, are the main responsible for the brand success.

Products that combine design and crafts

The products design is made by the creators of the brand. On the other hand, the construction is made by subcontracted artisans.

DAM products not only incorporate design and craftsmanship, but they also appeal to emotions and the simplicity, in harmony with nature.

Inspiration in Portuguese culture

The Portuguese culture and the ordinary things of daily life are the inspiration. DAM focuses on furniture and accessories which tell stories, combining techniques and traditional materials with artistic design.

The brand’s mentors claim that life is too short to waste time on boring and disposable products. Therefore, Hugo and Joana urge people to always love the spaces they live in.

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