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DAM is a brand of interior furniture with a strong focus on design. The brand’s collection features benches, chairs, lamps, tables and sofas that combine natural materials such as cork and wood. The artisan know-how developed by the team of craftsmen combined with the design, human character and humor of the pieces are the characteristics for the success of the brand.

Brand History

In the year 2013, Hugo Silva and Joana Santos, Portuguese designers created DAM. The project arises from the desire to explore traditional materials and techniques and bring them to the furniture sector, through reflection on Portuguese culture.

Products that combine design and crafts

The designs of the products are made by the creators of the brand. On the other hand, the construction of the same is made by subcontracted artisans.

DAM products not only incorporate design and craftsmanship, but also appeal to emotions and simplicity, in harmony with nature.

Inspiration in Portuguese culture

The Portuguese culture and the ordinary things of daily life are the inspiration. DAM focuses on furniture and accessories that tell stories, combining techniques and traditional materials with artistic design.

The brand’s mentors claim that life is too short to waste time on boring and disposable products. Hugo and Joana are appealing in this way so that people love the spaces where they live.