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Dedal is a brand of decorative accessories for the home. In its collection we can find coffee cups/mini cups, modular containers/bowls, as well as desk organisers. The pieces in glazed earthenware and cork are characterised by modular versatility, appealing colours and strong artisan slope. That way, the brand promises to make your day to day happier.

Dedal, unique pieces that transform routines into happy moments

Founded by Patrícia Valinho, Dedal is a project based on design and local arts, through Portuguese culture. That said, Dedal products are characterised mainly by their shape, functionality and exclusivity of the pieces.

The goal of the brand is to develop unique home accessories. With this purpose, unique pieces are produced for the day-to-day, transforming the routines into happy and memorable moments.

Home accessories that value manufacturing and design

From a brand point of view, an approach to conscious consumption contributes to a better world. The work developed by Dedal is based on manufacturing and design. These factors contribute to the employability of young people at the beginning of their careers, as well as the valorization of local productive capacity.

Manufacturing, the appreciation of the Portuguese heritage

The pieces are produced in Portugal through the inheritance of Portuguese manufacture, using local raw materials.

Design, empowering young talent

Through partnerships with universities, Dedal collaborates with young designers. Therefore, it allows to empower and support young talents.