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Ina Koelln is a premium fashion accessory brand. The collection features clutches, purses, gloves, leather and cork backpacks. The brand defends, first of all, the quality and durability of its products, through the resistance and characteristics of its materials. Ina Koelln is cosmopolitan and refined, giving an elegant finishing touch to its wardrobe.

Premium fashion accessories, handmade in Portugal

Ina Koelln, founded in 2013, is a Portuguese brand of fashion accessories with German roots. The brand combines the quality, the local craftsmanship made in Portugal and the sustainable materials. For this purpose, it avoids disposable and mass-produced trends.

Environmental responsibility in the fashion industry

The founder Katharina Kölln was born in a small town with a sustainable ecological lifestyle. This has allowed transporting such principles to the brand that defies the environmental crisis. There is, for this purpose, an effort to implement alternative solutions without causing unnecessary damage, through transparency and environmental responsibility in the fashion industry.