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Orikomi is a brand that creates and produces eco-friendly lamps made in origami. The brand displays in its collection ceiling lamps, table and candle holders with perfectionist character. Consequently, the brand lamps, handmade on high quality paper and allied to a strong environmental principle, are a benchmark in the industry.

Perfectionist and ambitious design

The Orikomi is born in Lisbon in the year 2013, by the hands of the architects Ana Morgado and Carmo Caldeira. The brand arises, above all, through a creative process that combines origami techniques with lighting. According to the founders, the design must be economical and accessible, but simultaneously perfectionist and ambitious.

Lighting in Origami

Dedicated to lighting, Orikomi is a benchmark for lovers of origami. Orikomi lamps are inspired by lines and simple geometric shapes. For this purpose, the production is made by hand on high quality paper, with a geometric and versatile design. The form, although complex, conveys a visual effect of lightness, simplicity and refinement. The lamps are also characterised by elegance, a subtle and avant-garde touch in different contexts.

Environmentally Friendly Lamps

The brand aims to assert itself above all, as a low impact alternative for the environment. For this purpose, lamps are highly recyclable and encourage the use of low-energy lamps. On the other hand, because they are made by hand and do not require polluting production processes, it makes the lamps have a more residual ecological footprint.

The creation of interior spaces through enlightenment, and environmental concern is always present. The founders undeniably value sustainability, the ecological footprint and traditional techniques.