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Wewood is a brand of solid wood furniture and a strong design component. The brand’s products promote Portuguese design and culture. Each piece is born of the inspiration and creativity of talented designers and architects. On the other hand, they are transformed into reality by the hands, wisdom and experience of the craftsmen.

Brand origin

The history of Wewood began in 1964. The family project is born in Rebordosa, Paredes, Northern Portugal. The brand comes by the hands of Carlos Alfredo, who soon established Móveis Carlos Alfredo specialised in the manufacture of classic furniture in solid wood.

Wewood, Solid wood pieces signed by designers

Móveis Carlos Alfredo felt the need to launch for the first time in 2010 pieces signed by designers, to Wewood. The brand is presented in 2012 in the international market, as a result of the demands of an increasingly global premium market.

Design, Tradition and Innovation

Wewood is characterised by timelessness and is driven by a passion for creating products of excellence. The brand displays a simple, timeless and sophisticated design. It inherited, surely, Móveis Carlos Alfredo cabinetmaking expertise. In this way, it presents a unique contemporary aesthetic, associated with the excellence of cabinet techniques.

Pieces of furniture that promote Portuguese culture and design

The pieces of the brand are born through the inspiration and creativity of designers and architects. In addition, they become reality by the craftsmanship’s expertise and mastery. Each piece of furniture becomes a work of art, promoting Portuguese culture and design.