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Desistart is a brand of contemporary rugs, with high standards of quality and design. The brand uses noble raw materials, which the brand combines with the artisan know-how of manual tufting, carried out by professionals with high experience in the sector. In addition to these factors, the products in its collection have a very strong cultural inspiration. As a result, Desistart seamlessly combines design, quality and innovation, turning it into a benchmark in the premium tapestry industry.

The creation of the brand

DesistartGroup was created by people passionate for tapestries. The company’s story began in 1988, in Espinho, Northern Portugal. At the time a small factory, which quickly evolved into a large-scale organisation.

Tradition, Quality and Design

Excellence and perfection are the key factors for the success of the brand. The tradition, quality and design, allied with innovation and passion for tapestries are, above all, the basis of the work developed by the brand.
In the creation of a Desistart carpet, no detail is left to chance. In the production process, noble and rich raw materials are used, for example: national wool, 100% New Zealand wool, linens, viscose, merino, cotton, mohair and 100% silk.

Hand-tufting and hand-woven techniques

Two techniques are used in the production process: hand-tufting and hand-woven. In the fully handcrafted production, semiautomatic looms are used as the resource to making hand knotted carpets. On the other side, the tufting technique is more industrial, although it also requires a lot of manual work. In this process, the worker’s role is essential, as he/she uses a tuft gun to inject the thread into the fabric.

Premium Tailoring

During the production process, Desistart rugs go through the hands of at least 10 artisans. Positioned in the market as a Premium brand, Desistart is recognised internationally. The brand is distinguished mainly by its production process and for its use of high quality raw materials. In short, the combination of design and quality make their pieces timeless, contemporary and unique, full of personality and charisma.