Quiénes somos

Portugal is home to great artisans and to an ancient tradition in the art of handling different materials. Orpheu Decor is the e-commerce platform that brings you this knowledge, through a premium selection of cutlery and dinnerware.

Quality, Sophistication and Excellence

Las piezas seleccionadas por Orpheu Decor son una muestra de autenticidad, arte y sofisticación.

El objetivo de la marca es aportar belleza e individualidad a cualquier espacio interior. Para ello, contamos con magníficas piezas atemporales y con un alto nivel de integridad, calidad y estilo.

Savoir-Faire, Pieces with Portuguese Signature

Portugal has always been recognized for its high-class know-how. No detail is left to chance, and the same happens with our selection of only the best materials and finishes.

The “made in Portugal” label becomes synonym with premium quality and accompanies truly exceptional items.

The symbiosis between Tradition and Modernity

A traditional yet cosmopolitan selection!

Traditional, because the production process has been recovering ancestral materials and techniques, some forgotten in time.

Cosmopolitan, since all that knowledge is now complemented with a strong contemporary and creative component, thanks to the work of national and international designers.