Casa Cubista

Taking advantage of the best ancient pottery traditions, all dishes and bowls at Casa Cubista are wheel-thrown and hand-painted by talented Portuguese artisans.


Casafina has the most glamorous products. Exceptional quality and unique design are a must for all collections.

Costa Nova

Costa Nova is a brand of fine stoneware crockery. The brand combines their characteristic design and colours with the quality, elegance and contemporary style.


Cutipol presents a meticulous choice of raw materials and ergonomic study of shapes. As a result, their products are unique pieces filled with elegance and sophistication.


Dedal is a brand of home decoration accessories. The pieces in cork and glazed stoneware are characterised by their modular versatility, appealing colours and strong craftsmanship perspective.

Laboratório d’Estórias

Laboratório D’Estórias is a brand of decorative accessories and tableware. Allied to irreprehensible design and story are pieces with unique and dynamic stories that give room to our imagination.


The Topázio products have a strong artisan component, thus offering pieces of unmatched quality, full of history and meaning. The unique pieces of the brand will surely add soul to your home.