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Goa Matte Gold Cutlery Collection by Cutipol
Discover Goa Matte Gold, the cutlery collection of the moment! With a sleek and minimalist design, it is perfect for even the most luxurious events.
This unique matte gold finish is responsible for truly lavish pieces. Thin resin handles are available in many modern colours: black, white, grey, brown, pink, ivory, celadon, red and blue. These pieces are incredibly elegant, lightweight and contemporary. This is a singular collection that no one has ever seen elsewhere. Check it out at our store.
Flatware Made in Portugal
Shop the beautiful Goa Matte Gold collection by Cutipol online. A premium Portuguese brand with cutlery sets and individual pieces of unique design. The flatware has exceptional quality, timeless finishes and glamorous lines. Besides, some details are handmade, making the products even more sophisticated.
Stainless Steel Cutlery Essentials
The most durable material, 18/10 chrome-nickel is the main character of our selection. Serving spoons, salad sets, cake servers, carving knife, dinner knives, fish forks, dessert spoons.