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Lagoa is an industrial style stoneware collection with finishes resembling metal or stone. Its durability and contemporary design make it a perfect choice.
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Versatile, this collection offers the perfect balance between contemporary style and durability. Lagoa represents a new generation of tableware items that will stand up to everyday use, from coffee shops to fine dining and catering environments. Different from all other tableware collections, the collection has two unique finishes: metal or stone
The collection does not have many products, but the ones it has are more than enough. It has soup, cereal and fruit bowls, and dinner plates, charger plates, bread plates and salad and dessert plates.
Costa Nova
Costa Nova is a Portuguese brand recognised worldwide for its fine stoneware tableware pieces and accessories. The brand products combine quality with elegance and refinement. Its products are usually associated with a unique design, modern style and vivid colours.