Shop Gifts by Price

For many people, price is a really important point to consider when it comes to offering presents. That is why we have hand-picked some great products and organised them by price. However, please note that regardless of their price, all our pieces combine the best quality with the greatest aesthetics.

Everyone has a budget that they need to stick to, especially when they need to buy gifts for many people. However, it is not always easy to find products within the desired prices. Thinking of these people, we have decided to organise our gifts by different prices.

Tableware & Decor Pieces

Here you can find cutlery sets, boxes, plates and dinnerware sets, figurines and ornaments, tea and coffee cups, among others.

Exceptional Handmade Wrapping

Our presents are all put into beautiful handmade wrappings that were designed to please anyone who receives them. When someone receives our gifts, they should immediately fall in love with their look, and more so with its content.