Dining Collections

Alentejo by Costa Nova

Alentejo by Costa Nova is a collection with gentle wavy edges inspired by the southern Portuguese landscape, filled with vast plains and olive trees.

Aparte by Costa Nova

Aparte by Costa Nova is a collection with organic shapes inspired by Nature. Its shapes remind us of the oceans, while its white reminds us of the sea foam.

Beja by Costa Nova

Modern tableware inspired by the natural landscapes of Alentejo – Portugal. A peaceful and sophisticated collection, both perfect for a casual lunch party or formal dinners.

Brisa by Costa Nova

Fresh and unique define Brisa by Costa Nova, with pieces of extraordinary design. Its blue and beige pattern slowly fades into a white centre of pure perfection.

Cristal by Costa Nova

The Cristal collection by Costa Nova is inspired by the rich patterns found in the most sublime crystal craftsmanship.

Dori by Casafina

Dori by Casafina is a collection with fabulous colours and unique shapes. The beach, sea life and nature are a big inspiration for all items.

Eivissa by Casafina

The natural curves of the Eivissa by Casafina are enhanced by its artfully reactive glazes that create perfectly imperfect patterns of beige-sand and sea-blue on the interior.

Friso by Costa Nova

Found in some of the finest hotels and restaurants around the world, Friso by Costa Nova sets the standard for elegant simplicity, unlimited versatility and exceptional durability.

Grespresso by Costa Nova

Let your friends and family enjoy their morning coffee in style with this fabulous cups by Costa Nova.

Impressions by Casafina

Inspired on the beauty and charm of antique dinnerware, Impressions by Casafina brings back classic and timeless style in an unconventional way.

Lagoa by Costa Nova

Lagoa by Costa Nova is an industrial style stoneware collection with finishes resembling metal or stone. Its durability and contemporary design make it a perfect choice.

Lagoa Ecogres by Costa Nova

Embellish your dining table with a sleek Nordic style. Lagoa Eco-Gres is a recycled collection from Costa Nova, made in Portugal from ceramic surplus.

Lisboa by Costa Nova

Lisboa by Costa Nova is a collection inspired by the Portuguese blue and white tiles of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Livia by Costa Nova

Nested in elegance and curvy silhouettes, Livia by Costa Nova presents itself as a modern approach to tableware.

Luzia by Costa Nova

The elegant brown lines on the rims give it a unique character and even more sophisticated look.

Madeira by Costa Nova

Madeira by Costa Nova takes stoneware to a new level of design. Inspired by nature, it features three vivid colours and a unique “crackled” surface similar to the effect of dappled lighting.

Nova by Costa Nova

Inspired by the Nature’s organic shapes of the natural world and the cycle of life, Nova by Costa Nova seeks to capture movement in fine stoneware.

Pacifica by Casafina

Pacifica collection by Casafina is filled with modern products of simple, clean line.

Pattern by Casa Cubista

Wheel-thrown and hand-painted by incredible Portuguese artisans, each item is unique! The terracotta material makes this selection of Casa Cubista tableware unique.

Pearl by Costa Nova

The Pearl collection by Costa Nova was inspired by the richness of 18th and 19th century European ceramics. The round shapes with large beads are reinvented to create a new classic concept.

Riviera by Costa Nova

Riviera by Costa Nova is inspired by the shapes and colours of the French and Italian Riviera. The prestigious French floral designer Christian Tortu created this captivating collection.

Roda by Costa Nova

A new creation by Torres Euracini. Roda by Costa Nova has all the dinnerware essentials you will ever need for your home.

Taormina by Casafina

Taormina dishes by Casafina have elegant organic shapes and unique reactive borders. Every piece is different, giving a super stylish look to your meals.