Hope in Butterfly Life, 23 cm by Laboratório D’Estórias


Composition “Hope in Butterfly Life”

“Hope in Butterfly Life” is a piece of art overflowing with significance. Each detail is an expression of exquisite craftsmanship, starting with the wings meticulously shaped in faience, hand-painted, and glazed. The butterfly is enriched by a main body, legs, and antennae elaborately crafted in natural or oxidized brass, meticulously produced in sand molds. The artisanal touch bestows uniqueness upon each piece, making them true one-of-a-kind works.

The packaging

The packaging is more than a mere casing; it is a link to the story behind this creation. Comprised of micro-corrugated cardboard, it cradles the butterfly in protection, while the paper band envelops the set, displaying an illustration that beckons discovery. Within this band lies the compelling summary of the narrative “Hope in the Life of Butterflies.” A poignant story featuring a taxidermist goose that conveys the powerful message that only by releasing burdens can we glimpse hope, translated into both Portuguese and English.

The Meaning

This creation is not just an artistic representation; it is an invitation to reflection and enchantment. The butterfly is more than an aesthetic symbol; it is a metaphor for the pursuit of hope and the lightness that allows us to gaze at the sky. Each piece is a testament to craft skill and shared history. A fusion of art and narrative that transcends linguistic and cultural borders, captivating collectors and admirers worldwide. “Hope in Butterfly Life” is the union of handmade beauty and the depth of a timeless message.

Hope in Butterfly Life, 23 cm by Laboratório D’Estórias - Matte White - V.LE043BMN - Orpheu Decor
Matte White
Hope in Butterfly Life, 23 cm by Laboratório D’Estórias - Green - V.LE043VCN - Orpheu Decor
Hope in Butterfly Life, 23 cm by Laboratório D’Estórias - Light Bue - V.LE043AZSN - Orpheu Decor
Light Bue
Hope in Butterfly Life, 23 cm by Laboratório D’Estórias - Dark Blue - V.LE043AZPN - Orpheu Decor
Dark Blue
Hope in Butterfly Life, 23 cm by Laboratório D’Estórias - Pink - V.LE043RN - Orpheu Decor







  • (cm) L 16.5 x W 23 x H 10
  • (in) L 6.5 x W 9 x H 3.9

Material: Glazed Faience (Wings) | Natural Brass (Claws and Antennae)

Brand: Laboratório D’Estórias | Made in Portugal

Authenticity: Each piece is handmade and, thus, different from all the others. Therefore, any irregularity or colour variation is due to the craftsmanship involved in its production process.


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