18/10 stainless steel is the elected material for our selection of Cutipol cutlery. One of the most resistant materials nowadays, it is fairly easy to maintain.

All cutlery is dishwasher safe. Nevertheless, even the best quality items require certain precautions.

  1. Be sure to wash off any food remains as soon as possible after use.
  2. Do not soak the cutlery for too long, as doing so may cause stains.
  3. Be especially careful with knife blades, since their carbon percentage makes them more susceptible to corrosion.
  4. To avoid scratches, be careful not to have the cutlery in contact with each other.
  5. To better preserve the colour of all resin handles, occasionally apply some vegetable oil or moisturizer lotion. That is the case for the Goa, Mio, Noor, Kube and Ebony collections.
  6. Take special care with the Gold and Rose Gold finishes. These coatings are copper based, so aggressive detergents may cause stains or corrosion.

Note that for keeping your flatware at its best, a hand wash is always recommended. Nevertheless, you can also use the dishwasher to wash the cutlery.

  1. After eating, remove all food particles with warm water and mild detergent.
  2. Never use aggressive cleaning agents, especially those with chlorine and/or anti-limestone properties.
  3. Be careful not to wash the cutlery with any abrasive scrubs or steel wire sponges.
  1. Rinse off all food remains before placing the cutlery in the dishwasher.
  2. Carefully arrange the cutlery inside the dishwasher, to ensure that it does not touch each other.
  3. Do not leave the cutlery in prolonged contact with the dishwasher steam. For that, turn off the drying cycle and remove the cutlery from the dishwasher immediately after the wash cycle ends.
  4. Thoroughly wipe each item with a soft dry cloth and make sure that the cutlery is well dried before storing it away.
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